I Lost Her To An Unknown Yahoo Boy


DJ Tansho X Small Badoo in their song titled ‘I Want To Marry A Yahoo’, is the new latest in town, a new strict jam and the new introduction to madness.

Despite the fight against crimes in the society and seemingly strict nature of the

National Film And Video Censors Board (NFVCB), some of the songs, which are inimical to sane society, still find their ways to the market and the street.

That is not the story for today, but how I lost Mariam to an unknown Yahoo Boy.

I met Mariam last year when she visited her mom, it was love at first sight. Mariam is a student, and despite my stand and talk not to ever talk anything relationship with a lady who is still schooling, Mariam case was different.

To show how serious I am, I approached Mariam mom to declare my intention of wifeying her daughter, and she gave her full support.

After the lock down was eased, I advised Mariam to learn something (apprenticeship) instead of staying at home, I promised to pay for her registration and give her allowance, but one thing I noticed about her was her not willing to leave two minutes for genuine talk but to dedicate her time to her iPhone. After the talk, she left and game back the third day that she would rather look for a factory job instead of learning (ki lo kan mi), I said okay.

A week later Mariam asked me for money that wanted to start a chin chin business, since I wasn’t with money that day, I promised to withdraw and give her the money the second day, on the second day, I learnt Mariam had travelled to Ajah to meet someone, I called but she never picked, I sent text twice and she didn’t reply. Mariam came back after four days, and when I asked why she didn’t pick my calls, she simply replied, “I didn’t feel like picking”.

This ended things; only to learn later that Mariam is dating a Yahoo guy. The guy I wish to at least see one day and monitor for the law to catch up with him.

But before then, Mariam had cooked me a delicious meal for the weekend, with the promise to do it almost every weekend.

The emotional pain of breaking up can actually feel like physical pain. Research has found that social rejection and physical pain can impact your body in some similar ways. This is what is happening to me.



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